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MissionARVR October Update

+ A Missions Communique Exploring Virtual And Augmented Reality For Ministry Contexts.
The Company Meta, has invested billions into making their Metaverse dreams a reality.  Recently, the company hosted Meta Connect, an  annual event featuring announcements about its latest VR equipment and predictions for the future of the Metaverse.
Meta Connect 2022
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The MetaVerse explained in 14                     minutes!

We are always talking about the Metaverse and sometimes it’s hard to truly understand what it is. By the end of the decade, experts say the Metaverse could be worth between $6 trillion and $13 trillion dollars. In this 14-minute video, Matt Ball explains what the Metaverse is, isn’t and why it matters.

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"Someone asked me about Augmented Reality and if it’s a part of the Metaverse. What was my response? It's a part of the “Real World Metaverse,” a term I recently read in an article. In the “Real World Metaverse,” computing happens on top of the real world all around you."
AR & The Real World Metaverse
So what does the "Real World Metaverse" look like outside of using a VR headset.  It could very well mean experiencing Augmented Reality with Smartglasses. This is something the company Vuzix has been investing in for several years.  Take a look at how their products work,
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